Anger – Becoming a Master?

Anyone who can make her angry will be her master. It only makes you angry if you allow yourself to disturb him. -Epictetus-

If you are really angry at something another person has done, it will completely destroy you. The rapid growth of adrenaline and your mind are running at a million miles per hour and trying to think in some way to pay.

The natural sibling reaction hurts them the way they hurt you. What we don't notice is that all the time spent on thinking about revenge is much more devastating in your own life than in another person's life, and you can never regain that valuable time.

If consumed with anger, the important things that are really needed will go away. He loses his ability to think reasonably and often does things he regrets when it was time to cool down.

The longer you leave anger, the harder it is to let go of the pride that comes with it. You feel justified because you keep it because the other person has really abused you and they should correct it, but they can deny it.

Anger slowly destroys the stable foundation of your life. Thinking about everyday situations that have nothing to do with what you are up to is blurred. This world can be very cruel and people don't always care what they say or who they hurt. Some of them are just meant to get in the way, no matter who needs to get over it to do it.

If you accidentally hit an obstacle, you're a victim.

You can always choose whether to let your anger control your life. At the moment of injury, it seems easier to fall for a while than taking control of your mind and telling you it has not been consumed or controlled.

Give it all to God and ask him to help forgive the other. He is the master of forgiveness because he is practicing millions of times a day.

Psalms 103: 10-12

He didn't care for us after our sins; and did not reward us according to our sins. For as heaven is high above the earth, so great is the mercy of them that fear it. To the east, from the west, he has removed our crimes from us.

If you are a child of God and ask for forgiveness, you can immediately forgive and forget what you have done. If you are heading east, you can continue in that direction indefinitely. He never goes west until he deliberately changes direction; but if you go north you will eventually have to go south.

God completely forgives you and He wants you to do the same for others. He wants you to realize that what you do is the best thing for your future. If anger persists, it can destroy you.

Ask God to help forgive the other if you can't do it on your own. It works in a supernatural way in your life to bring you peace and joy instead of feeling hate or bitterness. This does not mean that the other person will not suffer any consequences because they will always use what they have bought in the future.

Forgiveness is only a decision to let go and let God deal with his consequences. Don't let anger become the master of your life and waste valuable time that can be spent on much better things.