Do travel incentives still work?

As more and more people hold their precious dollars a little more tightly these days, how can you persuade them to let go and buy your product or service, thus keeping them in business? Vacation incentives are one of the most exciting attractive methods. They can help struggling companies maintain their customer base and gain new ones! Businesses that use holiday travel incentives in their promotions have increased sales by 35%! Of course, almost any business can use travel incentives efficiently, whether it is retail, service, internet, mlm, wholesale or anything else. See, EVERYONE loves to travel.

Well, almost everyone. According to a recent USA Today survey, 92% like traveling instead of any other reward or incentive. It represents a special value at the heart of the journey. And in order for your business to grow and succeed, you really have to give the public what you want. And most people want to travel!

A free vacation is very good at convincing a prospective customer to buy or a prospective co-worker to join. And no, it's not usually a luxury 2-week vacation on the French Riviera. (Although I wouldn't mind!) Easily get a 3-day promotion to places like Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Honolulu, Cancun, Branson or Atlantic City! You may be able to use 8 full-day incentives in places like a Caribbean cruise, Virginia Beach, Poconos, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe. Or maybe exciting international destinations like Wales, Spain or the Canadian Rockies! Recent travel incentives include golf and spa vacations in St. Thomas, Aruba, Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville, Williamsburg or Anaheim!

About 62% think that traveling is more incentive, even cash or merchandise! Money is often spent on bills, travel memories are the last of a lifetime.

Travel incentives regularly outperform other forms of incentive marketing. If more companies were using travel as an incentive, instead of using it now, if anything, their sales and commissions would almost certainly increase dramatically!

Businesses can even use holiday incentives to reward and encourage customer loyalty! Or even if they are managing or dealing with another customer!

Prepaid or contract terms can be changed to encourage travel, thank you gifts. Imagine a 3-day outing to visit the Mickey Mouse if you have life insurance for your child and pay throughout the year. What a seduction!

The latest members of member-only clubs and organizations can enjoy many exciting travel benefits, such as a 3-day boat trip to the Bahamas or 5 nights in Las Vegas.

Of course, the best way to persuade someone to buy something is to let them try it first. Why not try trial sales with a special travel incentive?

So, as you can clearly see, travel and vacation incentives are not widely used but always widely appreciated. And they often reverse the tide of business. Travel incentives may even help save your business!