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In recent months, analysts have wondered if Bitcoin (BTC) was really in the bull market. Just two weeks ago, the main cryptocurrency currency was down nearly 50% from the current high of $ 14,000, suggesting that bitcoin is back in the bear market phase.

But an important technical indicator has shown that the cryptography market remains at a bullish stage. The fact is that another drop in the BTC price of up to $ 8,000 could exacerbate volatility for the first time since March 2018, just over $ 20,000 at the last rate.

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Bitcoin is still in the bull market in the long run, the indicator suggests
If you have not followed cryptocurrency trading at all, you have probably already seen the terms “cross of gold” and “cross of death / bear” mentioned on Twitter and TradingView. In some references, the technical analysis refers to crosses between gold and death when the mean moving average (MA) overlaps to indicate a trend; Gold crosses have short MAs, long-lasting AD’s, and otherwise dead crosses.

According to a recent analysis, the Byzantine general, a popular Twitter trader, has just avoided an exponential moving average at 50 days and an exponential moving average at 200 days. This implies that bitcoin remains in the long run, as these two moving average crosses of gold and death have long been an indication of macroeconomic trends.

Immediate availability of the Astral Project and other ways to quickly implement the Astral Project


I'm sorry, but the only way to accomplish this astral project right away is to die suddenly. I do not recommend the astral projection method. There are also ways to bring your consciousness to the astral plane and fast enough not to try to stop in front of a bus while you wait.

You might think that I was thinking of the technique of sudden death, that it would take you to the afterlife in the form of a little humor. Well, I thought it was funny, but unfortunately I don't think most people will try astral travel until this terminal technology is done. Everyone travels on the Astral at least once, but those waiting to die for the Astral Project are missing something wonderful that they would have done in their lives. So let's get into the astral projection, if not immediately, at least soon.

Move to Tibet, live for decades while studying elaborate mantras to sing while meditating for days until you become a fully accredited monk. I think this technique is worse than getting in front of a bus. Otherwise, I do not see the need to preserve the ancient Sanskrit words or concepts.

Relax on the bed or sit down in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed, trying to get your soul out of your body. This technique works, but it will take days or months to complete it, so you can give up the experiment before you first make the astral project. After experiencing some successful astral journeys, this method will work faster, but there will never be an immediate way to accomplish an astral project. But I'll give you a tip. Don't try to force your out-of-body experiences. Just let your consciousness slip naturally into the astral space.

First, meditate to relax your mind and body before letting your consciousness slip into the astral projection. True, as long as you do not get a few afterlife trips under your belt, you will fall asleep first. For this meditation method, I suggest you start your astral meditation experiment before you are tired. I believe that most people who come to the astral plane quickly apply one of the various meditation systems.

An even faster method is meditation while recording a binaural rhythm, recording isochronous sound, or listening to relaxing binaural music. There are also subconscious and hypnotic products that are digitally accessible, but I see that they serve a function other than inducing an astral travel experience. Binaural or isochronous imaging prepares one's mental state for astral travel, and I think it's fantastic to have such a useful tool for the astral novice.

And now I come to the final method of astral registration. She has a deadly experience. This is how to create an astral project in an instant, and that was the first one, but I still don't recommend it because it can be fatal. My death lasted less than ten minutes, but I brought life-long adventures to me. It is worth dying briefly to find out that the astral projection is real and worth every effort or effort.


Anger – Becoming a Master?


Anyone who can make her angry will be her master. It only makes you angry if you allow yourself to disturb him. -Epictetus-

If you are really angry at something another person has done, it will completely destroy you. The rapid growth of adrenaline and your mind are running at a million miles per hour and trying to think in some way to pay.

The natural sibling reaction hurts them the way they hurt you. What we don't notice is that all the time spent on thinking about revenge is much more devastating in your own life than in another person's life, and you can never regain that valuable time.

If consumed with anger, the important things that are really needed will go away. He loses his ability to think reasonably and often does things he regrets when it was time to cool down.

The longer you leave anger, the harder it is to let go of the pride that comes with it. You feel justified because you keep it because the other person has really abused you and they should correct it, but they can deny it.

Anger slowly destroys the stable foundation of your life. Thinking about everyday situations that have nothing to do with what you are up to is blurred. This world can be very cruel and people don't always care what they say or who they hurt. Some of them are just meant to get in the way, no matter who needs to get over it to do it.

If you accidentally hit an obstacle, you're a victim.

You can always choose whether to let your anger control your life. At the moment of injury, it seems easier to fall for a while than taking control of your mind and telling you it has not been consumed or controlled.

Give it all to God and ask him to help forgive the other. He is the master of forgiveness because he is practicing millions of times a day.

Psalms 103: 10-12

He didn't care for us after our sins; and did not reward us according to our sins. For as heaven is high above the earth, so great is the mercy of them that fear it. To the east, from the west, he has removed our crimes from us.

If you are a child of God and ask for forgiveness, you can immediately forgive and forget what you have done. If you are heading east, you can continue in that direction indefinitely. He never goes west until he deliberately changes direction; but if you go north you will eventually have to go south.

God completely forgives you and He wants you to do the same for others. He wants you to realize that what you do is the best thing for your future. If anger persists, it can destroy you.

Ask God to help forgive the other if you can't do it on your own. It works in a supernatural way in your life to bring you peace and joy instead of feeling hate or bitterness. This does not mean that the other person will not suffer any consequences because they will always use what they have bought in the future.

Forgiveness is only a decision to let go and let God deal with his consequences. Don't let anger become the master of your life and waste valuable time that can be spent on much better things.


Access pets while traveling


He wants you to take him with you,

But sometimes they have to stay behind.

It is very difficult to travel if the animal family does not come together.

The good news is that you do not have to divorce completely during your vacation or business trip.

Animal Communication works very well whether you are sitting with your pet or even thousands of miles apart.

The summer holiday season is starting, and animals may wonder if their families will disappear again this year.

Do you tell them your vacation plans?

How long will you be away?

How will they spend their time away?

Who takes care of them?

How fast will you be back?

Animals perform better mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically when they know what the plan is.

Because they love you, they also want to know about traveling.

Where are you going?

What are you going to do there?

When are you coming back?

Do you think about me until you leave?

Most animals know that we sometimes need a vacation, but if they can't travel with you, they'll feel better if they share the details.

And it is reassuring to them that they know the provisions that they have already made to them while you are away.

Setting expectations reduces or eliminates them any anxiety or stress they may be feeling.

You can tell them these things, of course, but if you have learned Animal Communication, you probably do not understand everything and will not ask the questions that concern them most.

If you go on the road, you can arrange a professional Animal Communication lesson if you need it.

  • Logging on long journeys allows animals to connect better.

  • If a crisis occurs that delay your return or affect your animal's well-being, a professional animal communicator can talk on the phone and talk telepathically with your animal (s) even while traveling.

One of my clients recently had a situation while traveling.

My client was on a business trip in the US and his cat was home in the Netherlands. The cat is in her teens and has some health issues.

My client left her in excellent care, but in the Netherlands the heat wave affected her overall health.

What a relief my client and cat felt when I did a job that allowed them to talk to each other through me.

It calmed and reassured both of them.

So keep in mind that traveling with animals is as close as calling a Animal Communicator specialist.


Do travel incentives still work?


As more and more people hold their precious dollars a little more tightly these days, how can you persuade them to let go and buy your product or service, thus keeping them in business? Vacation incentives are one of the most exciting attractive methods. They can help struggling companies maintain their customer base and gain new ones! Businesses that use holiday travel incentives in their promotions have increased sales by 35%! Of course, almost any business can use travel incentives efficiently, whether it is retail, service, internet, mlm, wholesale or anything else. See, EVERYONE loves to travel.

Well, almost everyone. According to a recent USA Today survey, 92% like traveling instead of any other reward or incentive. It represents a special value at the heart of the journey. And in order for your business to grow and succeed, you really have to give the public what you want. And most people want to travel!

A free vacation is very good at convincing a prospective customer to buy or a prospective co-worker to join. And no, it's not usually a luxury 2-week vacation on the French Riviera. (Although I wouldn't mind!) Easily get a 3-day promotion to places like Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Honolulu, Cancun, Branson or Atlantic City! You may be able to use 8 full-day incentives in places like a Caribbean cruise, Virginia Beach, Poconos, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe. Or maybe exciting international destinations like Wales, Spain or the Canadian Rockies! Recent travel incentives include golf and spa vacations in St. Thomas, Aruba, Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville, Williamsburg or Anaheim!

About 62% think that traveling is more incentive, even cash or merchandise! Money is often spent on bills, travel memories are the last of a lifetime.

Travel incentives regularly outperform other forms of incentive marketing. If more companies were using travel as an incentive, instead of using it now, if anything, their sales and commissions would almost certainly increase dramatically!

Businesses can even use holiday incentives to reward and encourage customer loyalty! Or even if they are managing or dealing with another customer!

Prepaid or contract terms can be changed to encourage travel, thank you gifts. Imagine a 3-day outing to visit the Mickey Mouse if you have life insurance for your child and pay throughout the year. What a seduction!

The latest members of member-only clubs and organizations can enjoy many exciting travel benefits, such as a 3-day boat trip to the Bahamas or 5 nights in Las Vegas.

Of course, the best way to persuade someone to buy something is to let them try it first. Why not try trial sales with a special travel incentive?

So, as you can clearly see, travel and vacation incentives are not widely used but always widely appreciated. And they often reverse the tide of business. Travel incentives may even help save your business!


Taipei Taiwan is a travel guide for first timers


If you are planning your first trip to Taiwan, there are many areas worth visiting to make the most of your trip. Although there are many beautiful historical sites, the following are my personal favorites for traveling to Taipei. Please feel free to use this as a kind of Taipei travel guide when planning your Taipei vacation.

  • Taipei 101

We start our Taipei tour at Taipei 101. This is a skyscraper located in Xinyi District. In 2004, it was ranked as the tallest building in the world, with a height of 1671 meters. This title was held for 6 years until Burj Khalifa in Dubai flooded Taipei 101 in 2010. The tower boasts 101 stories and has an outdoor observatory on the 91st floor, such as the New York City Empire State Building, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.

On the lower five floors of Taipei 101 is a luxury mall with upscale stores like Burberry and Louis Vuitton. In the 88th-floor indoor observatory, you can see the 730 tonne dampener, basically a giant sphere that acts like a pendulum to counteract buildings that fluctuate in strong winds. Without this damper, those on the high floor can really suffer from locomotor disorders due to constant fluctuations in the building! Taipei 101 is a city icon that can be seen for miles across the city. Every new year, Taipei 101 attracts tens of thousands of visitors with its spectacular fireworks display.

  • Ximending Shopping

If you go shopping, you shouldn't be wrong with Ximending. This shopping district is located in Taipei's Wanhua District and is considered Taiwan's fashion capital. On weekends, Ximending Streets are closed to traffic and become a pedestrian mall. All kinds of street entertainers are popular in the area, and since it's a hotspot, you can attract celebrities who host small outdoor concerts, album launchers and other events.

Ximending is also known for its "Theater Street", where many films are concentrated along Wuchang Street. But for history lovers, the district's most famous theater is the Red House Theater, which was built in 1908 during the Japanese occupation and continues to be an operational theater with regular performances.

  • Yangmingshan National Park

If you want beautiful sights when traveling, I can't recommend Yangmingshan enough. It is Taipei's largest natural park. Yangmingshan is great for hiking and has many trails that can last all day or even a few hours. Popular trails include the Seven Star Peak, which leads to the highest peak of Taipei at 1120 meters (3600 feet), or the stunning waterfall of the Juansi Falls trail.

From February to March each year, Yangmingshan is the venue for the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, when a variety of flowers such as azaleas, camellias and especially cherry blossoms reach their peak. The festival illuminates cherry blossom trees every night for a particularly romantic look. Visitors can enjoy spectacular sightseeing in Taipei, including lunch and dinner at many restaurants, such as The Top or Grass Mountain Chateau.

Between the beauty of cherry blossoms and city views, Yangmingshan is a well-known romantic spot for lovers of Taipei. From April to May, when the calla lily reaches full bloom, you can pick your own lily flowers at one of several flower plants for just a few dollars.

Finally, don't miss Yangming Shuwu, also known as Yangming Villa, the beautiful summer retreat of late President Chiang Kai-shek. The Yangming villa house and garden are maintained as occupied by Mr and Mrs Chiang. The house is a two-story, traditional Chinese home, with reception rooms and offices on the first floor, and Chiang's personal residence on the second floor, where their paintings and personal photos continue to appear. The gardens are particularly beautiful in spring when the flowers are already in bloom. As a small trivial note, we plant several shrubs in a pentagonal lump – symbolizing General Chiang's "five-star" rank.

  • National Palace Museum

Then we find ourselves in the National Palace Museum, which opened in 1965. If you love our history, this is the place to be! The National Palace Museum's humane collection has 700,000 permanent exhibitions of Chinese imperial history and works dating back to 2000 years, as well as prehistoric Chinese works of art and works of art from the Neolithic era, or better known as the "Stone Age".

The most popular article in his collection is jadeite cabbage. A piece of jade carved in the 19th century, designed to resemble Chinese cabbage head, with locusts and grasshopper disguised in leaves. Legend has it that the statue is a metaphor for female fertility, with white cabbage stems representing purity, green cabbage leaves representing fertility, and insects representing children.

  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Another historically significant milestone in our excursion into Taiwan's history is the Chiang Kia-shek Memorial Hall. It is a national monument built in honor of the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kia-shek. The monument marks the geographical and cultural center of Taipei. It is the most visited attraction of foreign tourists. On the ground floor of the pagoda-style memorial hall is the Presidential Library and Museum.

There is a large sitting statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the main hall, similar to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The memorial hall and the surrounding Liberty Square plaza cover 60 acres and have many lakes and gardens. There are two Taipei performing arts buildings in the public area, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall.

  • Beitou hot springs and public library

My favorite place to visit in Taiwan is the Beitou area. Beitou is a mountain district north of Taipei and is known for its hot springs and wonderful public library. Beitou is famous for its healing and therapeutic properties of mineral water from many natural geothermal vents. The entire industry of hot spring baths and hotels has expanded in Beitou, offering aromatherapy, massage and hydrotherapy. There are many places where tourists can soak their feet in a stream of hot springs. Be sure to visit the Hot Springs Museum. When it was built in 1913, it was the largest public spa in Asia at the time. Today, the museum offers a glimpse into the bathroom and the history of Beitou.

Then visit the Beitou Public Library. Its wooden structure fits perfectly into the Beitou Park environment. With its eco-friendly services and design, the library is Taiwan's first green building. The library opened in 2006 and was built to reduce water and electricity consumption. To do this, the architects used large windows to let in natural light and a solar roof to provide the electricity needed for operation. In addition, the library collects rainwater for storage and flushing toilets.

  • Tamsui Fisherman's Quay

Our final stop is Tamsui. Tamsui is located on the western tip of Taipei and our favorite spot was Fisherman's Quay. We've learned that restaurants that mark Fisherman's Wharf Promenade not only offer the freshest seafood available, but also offer breathtaking sunset views. Fisherman's Wharf continues to be a harbor for local fishermen and is proud to provide a harbor for 150 boats! Our favorite walk crosses the "Lovers Bridge" pedestrian bridge, named after it opened on Valentine's Day 2003.

Its architecture resembles the mast of a sailing ship. It was about a 3 minute walk to the bridge which is wonderful at sunset. Lovers Bridge is also a great place to host the annual fireworks and concerts, which the city hosts each year to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day (which takes place in August, not February 14). Another way to experience Tamsui is to take a ferry from the Tamsui Ferry Pier and get off at Fisherman's Wharf. The ferry offers great views of the Tamsui Waterfront. One-way fare is only $ 2 and takes about 15 minutes.

Although our vacation in Taiwan seems to have ended in an instant, it was amazing! Although there are many sights to see, we feel we have used most of our trips to Taipei. I hope your trip proves to be as educational and comprehensive as ours.


Local master file in the pharmaceutical industry


The on-site master file contains detailed information on site quality management strategies and activities, manufacturing and / or quality control of drug manufacturing processes at the designated site, and activities closely integrated in adjacent and nearby buildings. A local master file shall be created for any on-site pharmaceutical operation including analysis and packaging, etc.

The site's master file is dedicated to control production and production operations. The on-site masterfile shall be part of the manufacturer's quality management system documentation and shall be reorganized accordingly. The site's master file must have a release number, an effective date, and a review date. It should be periodically reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date and representative of current activities. The SMF must include the following sections:

· General information from the manufacturer

· The manufacturer's quality management system

· Staff

· Production

· Quality control

· Contract preparation and analysis

· Distribution, complaints and product recall

· Selfcheck

1. General information about the manufacturer:

· Provide the manufacturer's name, contact information and official address

· Name and address of the site, building and site

· Site identification number

· A copy of the valid manufacturing authorization issued by the competent authority

· Brief description of manufacture, import, export, distribution and other activities authorized by the competent authorities, including foreign authorities with authorized dosage forms / activities

· The type of products currently manufactured locally

2. Manufacturer's quality management system:

· A brief description of the quality management systems used by the company and a reference to the standards applied

· Responsibility for maintaining the quality system, including senior management

· General Report on Batch Certification and Release Procedure

· Role of Authorized / Qualified Person in Quarantine and Release of Finished Products and Assessment of Compliance with Marketing Authorization

· Brief summary of supply chain / external audit program creation / knowledge

· Brief description of the qualification system of contractors, API manufacturers and suppliers of other critical substances

3. Staff:

· Organization chart showing the layout of the quality management, manufacturing and quality control positions / titles including senior management and qualified personnel

· Number of people employed in quality management, production, quality control, storage and distribution

4. Production:

· Brief description of the manufacturing operation. It also contains information on rules for handling rejected materials and products.

· Describe the labeling, disposal, storage and disposal of rejected material

· A brief description of the process validation protocol

5. Quality control:

Quality control is another feature in the Pharmaceuticals Site Master file. This is the description of the quality control system and all the activities of the quality control department. It also includes a procedure for the release of finished products

6. Contract generation and analysis:

This section describes the GMP compliance assessment of the contract acceptor.

7. Distribution, complaints and product recall:

This section includes:

· Distribution arrangements and fixing systems

· Complaints handling

· The types of companies to which the products are shipped from the site

· Product recall information

· Storage and distribution practices

8. Self-check:

· Describe briefly the self-monitoring program


10 Top Rated Travel Attractions in Ontario, Canada


In Ontario, Canada, where 40% of the Canadian population lives, is one of the world's top rated tourist attractions. Ontario has breathtaking views and attractions in all four seasons. The province has many lakes, various architectural wonders, and the national and cosmopolitan capital of Canada. Here are the top 10 major tourist attractions in Ontario.

1. Parliament Hill

Designed with large arches, copper-lined towers and Gothic Revival spheres, Parliament is another key destination in Canada. One of the main features of Parliament Hill is the Center Block, the main building of the Canadian Parliament. In the middle of the middle block is the iconic Peace Tower. The clock and bell tower is slightly over 300 feet and covered with stone carvings. The Central Block was developed in the mid-19th century and was one of the first homes of the Canadian government.

2. CN Tower

The CN Tower is the most iconic sight in Canada. It's a wonder of engineers from the 1970s, and always one of the most important places to visit in all Canadian travel guides. It looks like a gigantic injection needle, but its main function is to act as a communication tower. It is one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, reaching 1,815 feet.

3. Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney is also referred to as the "crown jewel of Ontario Parks," one of the world's highest-rated kayaking destinations. In Killarney, people can spend days exploring the more than 50 lakes and trails that offer spectacular views of the lakes and the Gulf of Georgia.

4. Elgin & Winter Garden Theater

This is a restored work that the latter is considered to be one of the fully functional Edward-storey theaters. Originally developed as a flagship of a vaudeville chain that has never started while transforming the ground floor into a movie. Theater tours take place on Thursdays and Fridays.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum celebrated its centenary in 2014 and is considered one of North America's largest natural history museums. With the entrance of "The Crystal" on Bloor St. in 2007, the museum building combines traditional heritage with modern architecture, with great impact (and contradiction). A memorable place to visit with your friends.

6. 1000 Island Towers

Located on Ivy Lea, about 20 km from Gananoque, the 1000 Island Tower is located. This 130-meter-high lookout tower offers superb views of the islands from two open spaces and has exceptional exhibits of glass-enclosed decks. Although it is a historic place, there is also an elevator for convenience.

7. National Gallery of Canada

This place is not only a tourist destination but also a work of art. It has a unique ensemble of glass pins and pink granite, which complements the nearby Parliament's copper roof. The interior features vaulted galleries, Canadian art exhibitions and many other noteworthy American traditional art forms.

8. Canadian Canoe Museum

Featuring one of the largest collections of kayaks and canoes, this museum is the top-rated travel destination. It has an exceptional 150 canoe exhibitions and is documented by its long history of water navigation in the country. This happened in the 17th and 19th centuries, when North America was one of the most popular canoe destinations.

9. Boldt Castle

This magnificent traditional North American castle is located in the center of St. Lawrence. Boldt Castle was designed by George C. Boldt, a developer of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Thousands of tourists pass through this place every year to enjoy the picturesque buildings.

10. Ripley's Aquarium

This aquarium is located in Ontario and is one of three aquariums owned by the Ripley Entertainment Network. The aquarium contains 1.5 million gallons of water and exhibits marine life from around the world. Nine galleries are divided, displaying various fish, sea animals and marine habitats.


10 concepts for mastering the friction zone


Designed to protect you from damage, self-generated resistance stops momentum. Understanding and mastering the friction zone is an essential skill for skilled riding and joyful living.

The motorcycle's friction zone is the area of ​​resistance that occurs when the clutch is engaged, allowing transmission of power from the engine to the rear wheel. The energy source is the engine; the clutch is the resistance area and the operation of the rear wheel expresses the motorcycle's performance. The force must pass through the resistance area in order for the motorcycle to move forward.

Your universal spirit is the resource. The friction zone is created by the resistance created by your resistance, which responds to any change you perceive as a threat to survival. Resistance takes the form of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that impede the expression of true power.

10 concepts for mastering the friction zone

  1. Available power. All available energy is contained in the motorcycle and can be accessed through the controls. Most non-racers rarely operate their bikes at maximum capacity. You are completely nourished. Power does not come from anyone else, and no one takes it away. When your spirit expresses an invitation to adventure, a desire to change your life, or a transition, your resistance triggers resistance, you feel helpless. But power is always available.
  2. Let it go. Coordination of clutch lever and throttle precisely regulates power. You need to release the clutch lever at a certain point if you want to cross the friction zone and move forward. Fear causes you to limit your thoughts and beliefs. Being aware of them, thanking the ego for trying to protect you and then releasing them, allows you to overcome resistance and express yourself.
  3. Coordinated Clutch and Throttle Part 1. Release the clutch without inserting the throttle and the bike will slip and get stuck. Because of fear and uncertainty, new riders are shy with the throttle when releasing the clutch lever. The energy from the throttle must be greater than the resistance of the friction zone to progress. The fear of success can be as weak as the fear of failure. If you've achieved a set goal, such as learning a motorcycle, what else do you need to do? When you are shy to express yourself, the resistance wins and gets stuck.
  4. Coordinated Clutch and Throttle Part 2. Without the clutch lever fully released, you can't get anywhere with the full throttle, though the noise can be spectacular. Either it is neutral, or it may run through. Fewer throttles while releasing allow passage through the friction zone and thus progress more efficiently, with less stress – for rider and cyclist. You can use all kinds of energy for activities and create lots of buzz. Focusing on the negative leads to energy and makes it difficult to progress. It spends less energy in a positive direction and produces better results for the body, mind and spirit.
  5. Burn out. Moving the clutch further, especially with a high throttle valve, runs the risk of burns. Allowing it to resist energy encroachment will eventually result in personal burnout.
  6. Brakes. Using the rear brake in the friction zone helps maintain balance and prevents backward rolling. It may be stationary, but it will not lose its land. While stopping or slowing down, it may be appropriate for you to be overloaded, losing balance and falling back. You will need more energy to start over.
  7. Slow speed control. Each time it moves, it passes through the friction zone. This is a basic skill for slow speed control. Using the resistor energy in the friction zone to control the bike at low speeds requires a lot of ability. When you try something new, it goes through resistance, even if it's short. Learning how to divert resistance energy in a positive direction requires a lot of practice.
  8. Controls. You control the motorcycle alone. Whatever you do or how much energy you use, it responds to your guidance. Shape your life with the choices you make and the actions you take. Of course, things are out of your control, but you can always choose how you react. No one else can move you in the friction zone.
  9. Progression. Each time you shift gears, you get into the friction zone. This progress is needed when you travel anywhere. By gaining experience, you become more confident and adept at moving up through the friction zone without losing momentum. Life is full of new beginnings and challenges. He meets the friction zone several times and realizes that he must teach the skills needed to move to a higher level of awareness. As you exercise, your confidence and ability to move in your own friction zone will increase. You can easily move on without losing momentum.
  10. Focus. Eye control is an essential skill taught in the first hour of a basic motoring course. Quickly learns to go where you are looking. An overview of the controls does not help the friction zone. They'll be there for you when you need them. Focus on your goal and go for it. Focusing on abundance and gratitude will help you get through the friction zones of life. Listen to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and evaluate whether they are advancing or staying in the friction zone.

Whether you want to ride a motorbike or live a full life, understanding and mastering the friction zone is an essential skill for experienced riding and joyful living.


How to Set a Return Bow |


It wasn't too many years ago when Bowyers was like a blacksmith, in the sense that they were all individual, master, small craft artisans, and maybe had an apprentice, or maybe two who studied their craft. Consequently, traditional bows made by one of the master bow makers are somewhat similar to Stradivarius in that they are both functional pieces of art and each has its own small but individual differences. For non-craftsmen, the oxymoron seems to be the need to tune a simple instrument like a Recurve bow with so few moving parts. However, the thing is that every returning bow, no matter who makes it, has a "sweet spot" where it fires the most, produces the least kickback, and produces the least amount of noise. Fortunately, finding the sweet spot is a relatively straightforward process, provided that the backbone corresponding to its arrows has the correct pull length for the pull, combined with the weight of the selected wide head. Plus, tuning is fun because you have to shoot the bow!

So, since you must have arrows with the right spine first, before you can properly adjust the return bow, let's start with how to choose the right arrow curve. But what could be the arrow spine? Well, the formal answer to this question is "The arrow spine is a measurement of static misalignment," which simply means that it shows how much the arrow's axis bends under a given pressure. Thus, a different arrow (smaller diameter) with a larger spine will bend more than an open axis with less spine (larger diameter). This is important because as soon as the arrow releases its fingers, it immediately exceeds the bow loop pressure, which is partially absorbed by the arrow axis, bent as it moves forward. But if the spine is not stiff enough, the arrow may break, causing serious injury to the archer, and if it is too stiff, it will not sufficiently absorb the initial energy of the nose limbs, and thus the excess. power can damage them. In addition, it should be noted that the greater the pulling weight of the bow, the greater the weight of the width, or the longer the arrows, the more prone the open axis and the greater the spine. and vice versa. Therefore, to select the right arrow for the spine, you can start a spine chart that requires you to know the stroke length, the pull weight, and the target or wide head weight. However, the best way to do this is to buy a spinal column test kit, which usually consists of three arrows with different spikes.

Once you have defined the right arrow spine for your bow, you are ready to adjust. Before you do this, it is best to pre-fit all the accessories you will use for the bow as this will change the stroke. So, when all accessories are fitted, tuning the bow involves adjusting the peak height to the proper height, gradually changing the height of the brace, and then taking a few test shots. Therefore, in order to adjust its climax to the correct height, you first need a tool called a bow square, similar to the letter T, and clips at the top to attach it to the bow string. To use a tilt angle, the archer clamps it to the bow when the T-post is positioned above the arrow holder and slides it over the rest to the point where the arrow axis touches the rest. The Nock Point is then located on the string, somewhere above the level and a quarter inch above the level, depending on the preference of the given bow. The next step is to adjust the "stiffness height", but for those unfamiliar with this term, the height of the brackets is the distance from the deepest part of the bow to the string when the bow is stretched, and to adjust the return bow, to remove the string or twist it or twist it to shorten or lengthen it slightly. Therefore, to adjust the return bow, first remove the string and then twist it four or five times. Then reattach the limb and make some attempts while noticing whether the bow is smoother, quieter and / or more accurate or less. Then continue the process until you increase the stiffener height by at least half an inch, and you may notice a significant improvement in bow performance somewhere within this range.

So, although it seems like a difficult task, if you need to take off the bow repeatedly, twist it a few times, reattach it, and then take a few shots to see if there is a noticeable improvement in performance once you've actually gone through the process effort. In addition, while it is true that it is a pain in the butt, that you need to stop each shot to remove, twist and reattach the bow of your bow, you only need to do it once. So try to think about it rather than another shotgun session and it will happen before you know it!


5 ways to train Ninja and study Ninjutsu's ancient Japanese martial arts


Many people want to learn the ancient Japanese art of Ninjutsu – the martial art of Ninja, but they do not know where to start or what opportunities they have. Even today, with the advent of the Internet and the availability of media that was unknown in ancient times, Ninja art is still not easy to find.

Here are 5 ways to train ninja art in the 21st century.

1) Dojo Training. If you're lucky enough to live in an area where Ninja training is in progress dojo ("gym"), or even the gym Shibu ("training group"), you can sign up for one of their programs. Although there are far more ninja dojo than when I started training in 1980, you still won't find them as comfortable as a Tae kwon do it school.

2) Seminars and camps. In fact, that is how many students are receiving their education. If you don't live close or can't move an area where Ninja dojo is used, this is a great option. In fact, with a few days of intensive training, you can actually employ more techniques than a full-time student.

3) Private coaching. If you have the tool, you can agree with the teacher to make it available for private training based on your schedule. There are often meetings to travel to the teacher's dojo day after day, or even several days, or they can be organized to take the teacher with you if possible!

4) Books, DVDs and online courses. While this is never the same as actual live teacher training, resources such as books, videos, and even online courses can provide a solid foundation for filling in gaps or for moving between live training courses.

5) Travel to Japan. Once again, once the opportunity arises and you manage to organize your time, work plan, family life and finances, you can travel to Japan for a direct masterclass with your master teachers. Many senior educators organize training trips that you can join. This way, you can benefit from being a guide and mentor instead of having to figure things out as soon as you get there.

Training ninjutsu art is not easy. Work, commitment, dedication and, above all, purposefulness are needed. Even with these five educational resources, it is ultimately up to you what you learn, what skills you develop, and how far you go.